About Globus Kon-Tiki

Founded in 1988 in a moment of inspiration during an expedition to Africa. Globus Kon-Tiki has been increasing since then till now.

Globus Kon-Tiki is specialized in all kind of ballooning service.


Meet Kon-Tiki's team. Certified pilots and expert drivers, but above all, wishing to have fun with you.
Kon-Tiki is the first and only company aerostatics balloons with an infrastructure of these characteristics with which we hope to give you the best service.
Balloon flight is a very safe activity but we must not forget that we are flying and therefore we depend on a device, a pilot and weather conditions.
Both Miquel Mesegue and Angel Aguirre come from INEF (Phisical Education National Institute) and therefore from the sport's world and competition.
Curiously, the idea of founding Kon-Tiki come up from a climbing expedition in Africa. This confirms the spirit of adventure of the company and their members.
Discover some of the historic Kon-Tiki Globe, a nostalgic look at the most iconic balloons.
We love ballooning, we've done our job from our passion. We're proud about what is recognized we can do in balloonong.