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Ballooning events

The kon-tiki ballooning corporate division offers any hot air balloon service to add touch of distinction, originality and entertainment to your event
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From a tethered balloon for the enjoyment of the guests at the party, to organising a balloons concentration, light and color show with balloons and fireworks at night "Night Glow ", aerostatic competitions, personalised and corporate adevertising balloons.



It is about disposing of a balloon during a certain time in specific place climbing to about 20 meters high carrying about 2 or 3 passengers up and down with spectacular visual impact as well as participatory.

The balloon can be personalised using banners with the company logo or with required brands.


It is necessary a minimum space of 40x40 meters free of obstructions and cables. it is also necessary the owner's permission to use the space.


Assembly and preparation take about half and hour and this is when people can climb into the basket, followed by a 1h 30' of real effective flight. The best time to do this activity is in the morning or late in the evening/night wich is when there is wind calm ( the strong wind or rain would enable the inflation of the balloon).


Prices includes the balloon renting during two hours (one hour and half hour + half hour for assemby and inflation that is part of the show), passengers, insurance and transport in Catalonia

850€ + VAT


  • Additional half hour up o a total of 3 hour: 250 €. Activities that require more ime to be consulted.
  • Custom banner with your logo on the basket: 100€ 1x1 meters approximately.
  • Banner with a special fabric at the balloon measure in the middle of the envelope: 1.500€ 4x12 meters approximately(15 days minimum for its realisation).


  • Prices include the balloon renting, passengers, insurance and transport in Catalonia.
  • VAT is not included.
  • Reservation will be made 30 days before and payment of the 50% of the total cost will be made in advance.
  • In case the activity can be not done for the weather reasons and we're already in the agreed place, the advanced payment will be cost. We'll be informing you until the day before the fligh about the success possibilities based on the weather forecasts. If we mutually agree that the flight is not possible for the weather reasons, the advanced payment will be returned.
  • The advertisin banners, in its case, will bbe always charged to the costumer.