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Frequently answered questions

Algunas preguntas con respuesta

Some answered questions

Vistes per faq's

Is it cold up there ?
The temperature during the balloon flight is the same as on the ground; wear standard clothes for the season and comfortable shoes wear preferably sports shoes, as if you were hiking .
SUMMER: we recommend a hat to protect your head from the sun and heat coming from the burner of the balloon (can be annoying for those who are higher in the usual average) and sunscreen
WINTER: the temperature early in the morning on the ground is usually near 0° centigrade, in the Pyrenees it´s usually a negative rating to 10 ° below zero, in this case we recommend wear a thermal mesh under pants, thermal or double socks, coat, hat, gloves and scarf.

W hy have we to start so early ?
Is very important to be on time, early in the morning because is when weather is more calm and cold.

What happens if the weather is not good?
Weather is very important in this activity, for this reason we'll be in contact during the previous days of the activity in order to check the weather forecast.
In case of not enough good weather forecast we'll cancel the activity changing it to another date. Pilot can also decide to cancel the flight at last moment.

Is there any age limitation for ballooning ?
There is no law about it but we recommend minimum 5 years old and no limit for old people. This is a very peaceful and safety activity.

Is the same price for children ?
No, children between 5 and 10 years old have discount in all flights.

How high are we going to fly? Could we go from one place to another one?
Hot air balloons has no direction control, we'll go where the wind wants.
We can control the altitude and plan with the different currents we find.
Maximum altitude depends on the area and weather conditions every moment.